BroadbandUK partners with Origin Broadband

Partners - 22 January, 2020

BroadbandUK is partnering with Origin Broadband to provide broadband speed testing capability.

Origin Broadband began in 2011 to give a better choice to those who’d been ‘left behind’ in the digital divide. Thanks to some hard work and big ideas, Origin Broadband were first to offer ‘superfast’ speeds to their local customers.

Origin Broadband now offer services across the UK, but their ‘customer first’ mentality is still right at the heart of the organisation – and has helped them to become award-winning along the way. Fast-forward to today, and Origin Broadband provides great value deals that are supported by their fantastic UK-based support teams.

BroadbandUK is the provider of the fastest-growing broadband speed test in the UK with over 100,000 tests run in 2019. BroadbandUK predicts that the test will run over 600,000 tests in 2020, showing a year on year growth of over 500%.

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